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    dreamstock -football-

    Believe in yourself, the world doesn’t know you yet.

    Let the world know who you are! Chase your dream.

    For all soccer players and coaches in the world!


    Maximise the positive impact of sports through IT

    Youth development

    There are young athletes in the world with various backgrounds and situations, including poverty and war. We provide a platform for those athletes to chase their dreams, no matter the background.

    Economical stimulation

    We will maximize the possibilities of sports with IT to contribute to the world’s economic development, such as creating employment opportunities.

    International relations encouragement

    Sports can function as a common language and a culture all over the world. We will endeavor to further enhance mutual understanding and awareness of people of different backgrounds through sports and IT.

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    株式会社 dreamstock (dreamstock Inc.)
    松永 マルセロ ハルオ (Marcelo Haruo Matsunaga)
    Jul. 03, 2017
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